October 20, 2013

9/10 Honor Choir, District, Region Choir Auditions

Worley/Romo/Bennett would like to congratulate ALL who auditioned yesterday! … we’re VERY proud of you and your hard work!

The following students were selected to represent the Lamar Choirs at the upcoming clinic/concerts on Nov 23 (the Region Choir students will audition for Round 3 on Nov 22):

9/10 Honor Choir
Anna L – Soprano
Nicole C – Soprano
Kendal H – Alto
Brianna R – Alto
Amanda L – Alto
Erin O – Alto
Reid R – Tenor
Deshun L – Tenor
Jacob C – Tenor
Chase R – Tenor
Jonathan H – Bass
Jacob F – Bass
Logan P – Bass
Thomas B – Bass

District Choir
Dani C – Soprano 1
Adiba O – Soprano 1
Samantha R – Soprano 1
Tiffany S – Soprano 1
Olivia J – Soprano 2
Hannah S – Soprano 2
Julius S – Tenor 1

Region Choir
Steven H – Tenor 2
Nick M – Tenor 2
Quinn C – Bass 1
Alex S – Bass 2
Gordon S – Bass 2
Alternate: Marcelo R – Tenor 1

June 3, 2013

Show Choir Results

Social Media Ban on Show Choir Results:

No posts, comments, photos, etc. should be placed on any social media between now and the end of the school year (graduation, Sunday evening.)  This includes positive and negative comments.  While you cannot control what others say about you, we expect YOU to not respond or engage in any type of communication regarding results.  We understand your desire to rejoice when the results are in your favor, and we understand your wanting to vent your frustrations if you are disappointed.  Please, do not do either.

If you feel the need to communicate with a friend or friends, speak to them in person, call them, or text them privately.  Do NOT do so where others can see or hear.

These results posted tonight are PRELIMINARY results.  Results will NOT be considered final until a signed Show Choir Contract is received from the student.


Andrew M

Chance F

Chase R

Griffin H

Ian B

Jacob P

Jacob C

Logan P

Luke M

Reed M

Reid R

Tristan G

Anna L

Annisaa H

Centauri L

Emary A

Emily L

Erin O

Fabiola V

Grace D

Jasper D

Mary V

Samarea L

Sophia H



Adiba O

Ally G

Brianna R

Christina S

Cydnei P

Dani C

Eliora T

Gabby  B

Grace K

Hagan G

Haley D

Ivanna G

Jenna H

Jessica K

Katie A

Katie C

Leyna B

Molly P

Morgan L

Nicole C

Sam S

Samantha P

Sarah C

Sydney G

Tiffany S



Alex S

Gene V

Gordon S

Jack M

Jesse S

Luke H

Marcelo R

Matt H

Quinn C

Steven H

Zach W

Ally S

Amber B

Andee G

Baylee M

Jenny T

Leah B

Macy R

Molly B

Mycah B

Sydney W

Tori S

May 27, 2013

2012-2013 Highlights


9/10 Honor Choir

9 students

District Choir

11 students

Region Choir

3 students

Area Choir

2 students

All State Choir

Lilly Bailey (2nd year at All State!)

Madrigal Show Choir/ Harmony Show Choir UIL

1st Division UIL Rating

UIL Solos

52 Students made 1st Division Ratins

Choir UIL

All 3 choirs made 1st Division Ratings

New York Performing Arts Contest

A Cappella Choir:  1st Division Rating & Best in Class

Lamar Show Choirs: 1st Division Rating & Best in Class

October 15, 2012

Be a LHS Choir Booster

Joining the LHS Choir Booster is a great way to support the wonderful choral music program, the directors and the students.  And if you join at a certain level, you become a VIP with reserved seating at concerts! Download and print your membership form and mail in soon. https://lamarchoirs.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/choir-booster-club-form.pdf

October 9, 2012

Communication Updates

With so many options available, we are going to streamline the channels of communication for all things choir. Please continue to check the website from time to time for details on
upcoming events.  The choir Facebook page will alert you about things as well,  but usually without as many details. For more urgent updates and information, or reminders for events coming up more immediately, Ms. Worley will continue to use the 90210 system, which sends information to your phone via text. Click on the box below for instructions on how to sign up for updates.

June 16, 2012

Charms Offers 2-way Communication

CHARMS helps us keep track of  what fees you have paid/owe and other details important for choir.  Students / parents:  make sure your phone numbers and email addresses are current in CHARMS.  Follow the directions below to sign up.

How to:

  • Go to http://www.charmsoffice.com
  • Go to “ENTER” and click on the tab “STUDENT/PARENT”
  • School code: LamarHSChoir
  • Your school ID number is your password
  • Update info and complete all questions
  • When finished, click the “update” button

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